Quite a few archaeologists have some interest in punk rock music. In 2008, this coincidence prompted professors Bill Caraher and Kostis Kourelis to think about how punk rock music and the larger aesthetic and lifestyle associated with that musical form influenced archaeology. They followed these thoughts in direction ranging from the archaeology of rock music to parallels between the Punk and archaeology as practical and creative processes. The result is a kaleidoscopic manifesto called Punk Archaeology.

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Andrew Reinhard, whom Aaron Barth calls a “Punk Archaeologist without borders”, currently administers this blog for Punk Archaeologists worldwide. If you have an idea, suggestion, question, or want to contribute, email the punkarchaeologist@gmail.com.

The Punk Archaeology typography and bowling pin design are by Joel Jonientz who sadly passed in the spring of 2014. He is greatly missed.

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